Online concierge

Exceed your revenue by exceeding your guest’ s expectations


Advantages for the hotel

Collect all messengers

The hotel operator receives messages from all communication channels in one place

Process orders

The hotel receives guest’s orders and can offer extra services

Set online menu

The management of the hotel can change and update the list of services in any time by itself

LendoChat will do everything for you

You just need to get an order and execute it

Online concierge

A group of professional operators will handle all communication with your guests in the chats

Hotel communication standards

We will consider all your hotel standards and requirements for communication with your guests

Proactive sale of services

Will subtle recommend to your guests some of your extra services

Profiling your guest

We produce your guest’s profile in order to understand your guest better


We gather guest review and feedback

Connect to LendoChat and enjoy new reality in hospitality


Texting is easier than calling


Quick access to the hotel services via online menu in the chat

Online menu

Client can find anything he needs in online chat menu

Service cards

Service cards with photo, description and pricing

Request status

Guest sees their request status, and the time it will be completed

Order history

Client can always check what he ordered


Online translator facilitating communication with hotel


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